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Appraisal Smart covers more than the Performance Appraisal or Review - it covers Performance Management in substantial detail...
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The conducting of Performance Appraisals need not be so stressful any longer...
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Client Technical Requirements
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  • ASP.NET Technology
  • 128 bit SSL Encryption
  • 24/7/365 Access
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Secure Hosting
  • Ingenious Programming
  • Diverse Functionality
  • Fully Scalable
  • Intuitive, Easy-to-Use
  • Point-and-Click
  • Flexible and Robust
  • Advanced Authoring
  • Competency Library
  • Appraisal Templates
  • Template Lock Ability
  • Bulk Appraisal Creation
  • Online Job Descriptions
  • Online L&D Library
  • Online PDPs
  • Ad-hoc Appraisals
  • Legal Term Checker
  • Spell Checker
  • Auto Email Reminders
  • Instant Bulk Emails
  • Graphical Reporting
  • Tabular Reporting
  • Narrative Reporting
  • Performance Ranking
  • Data Exporting
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Inbuilt Contact Manager
  • Content Rich Tutorials
  • Detailed Help Files
  • Auto Password Reminder
  • Lifetime Archiving
  • HRIS/HRMS Interfacing
  • Client Branding
  • Super-Rapid Deployment
  • No Formal Training Required
  • Unbeatable Pricing

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L&D Management


Appraisal Smartoffers an innovative, cutting-edge approach to administering Employee Performance Appraisals/Reviews, and will place you at the technological forefront regarding this crucial Human Resources and Managerial function

It not only automates Performance Review administration, but also elevates it to a superb relationship, productivity and behavior modification tool, effectively driving change, productivity, development of core competence, and ultimately: bottom line results

Automates the time-consuming Employee Performance Appraisal administration process, thereby dramatically improving HR and Line Manager productivity.

Accommodates any kind and combination of Performance Measures such as Goals, Objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), and Competencies.

Accommodates the following Performance Cycle alternatives: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12-monthly performance appraisals, as well as employee anniversary-based.

Fully scalable - handles from only 30 to thousands of employees, covering all staff and managerial levels, at multiple worldwide locations.

Can be operated on your own Corporate Intranet, or over the Internet as a secure, hosted ASP application with worldwide 24x7x365 access (guaranteed 99.99% uptime).

No need for formal training or IT help, no servers to maintain, and no software to install (secure Internet option).

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Ad-Hoc Appraisals

Appraisal Smart does not limit you to "regular" Performance Appraisals only, but allows you to create any number of additional AD-HOC Appraisals as well, such as for Probation, Promotion, Succession, and Disciplinary.

This module comes at no additional cost to clients.

Online Job Descriptions

Appraisal Smart enables the creating and updating of Job Descriptions online, giving managers the ability to view the Job Descriptions of their direct reports - and employees to view their own - with the mere click of a mouse.

Everybody has the latest versions 'on tap' as System Administrators edit them in the central database.

Job Descriptions can be linked to Appraisal Templates to ensure perfect alignment between them.

Learning Management Module

A powerful add-on module to manage your Learning and Development (L&D) Library and your employee Personal Development Plans (PDPs) online. morePerformance Appraisal Software

360-Degree Feedback Module/System

Context-Targeted 360-Degree Feedback Technology.

The Smart360 system offers an unparalleled opportunity for employees to obtain targeted and high-quality feedback from peers, direct reports, managers, and customers—with a view to modifying their behavior for improved working relationships, team synergy, job performance, and customer service.

Use our customizable 360 questionnaire templates or create your own. Do 360s for ALL your employee levels (not just managers). Experience the value of targeted narrative feedback (not just graphs).

Smart360 can either be a stand-alone offering or an optional module to Appraisal Smart.        morePerformance Appraisal Software

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Appraisal Smart Employee Performance Appraisal Software Interface

"We began using Appraisal Smart last year and completed one annual performance period. The system provided a clear understanding for all employees as to how their performance was being rated on an ongoing basis. The more the employees and managers used the product the more they liked it."

Bill Fabri
Appleby & Wyman Insurance Agency

Wanted to thank you for all the updates so far—they have been a great help. I got a great compliment from our Chairman of the Board (just completed the CEO's review) —felt the review was much more meaningful and facilitated better discussion, and she loved the format and the looks of it, so thanks for helping me look good!!”

Margo Gilmore
HR Manager

Space Coast Credit Union

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Managing and Administering Employee Performance Appraisals/Reviews need not be so stressful, time-consuming and
paper-intensive any longer!

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paper-based system?
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